Are you looking for a trusted high rise window cleaning service in Boston? Pierce Property Services has years of experience offering high rise window cleaning services to customers in Boston. We are not your ordinary high rise window cleaners. Pierce Property Services has a wonderful track record of establishing good working relationship with property owners who secure their high rise window cleaning services. This is achieved by encouraging open communication with clients from the start of the project till the end. Unlike other high rise window cleaners in Boston, Pierce Property Services goes beyond our work to tell you anything that might be amiss with your property from the outside.Boston High Rise Window Cleaning

With our knowledge and experience offering professional high rise window cleaning services, clients in Boston feel at ease letting the experts from Pierce Property Services handle their windows. We have a wonderful team of professional cleaners who are passionate about client success. In addition to our high rise services we also specialize in commercial window cleaning, power washing, caulking, bird control services and specialty services.

When it comes to high rise window cleaning, no building in Boston is too difficult or tall for cleaners at Pierce Property Services to access, as we offer our cleaning services to buildings of any size. Our team uses the best cleaning products, equipment and technology to clean your windows without damaging them. Pierce Property Services understands that the beauty of your building is reflected by how clean your windows are. Regular cleaning of your windows will reduce the risk of chemicals and minerals build up which might cause water spots. That is why Pierce Property Services window cleaners participate in industry associations like IWCA and IREM-Boston so that they can maintain safety practices and product knowledge related to high rise window cleaning industry.

Power washing

Is your property affected by algae or mildew? Power washing is the most effective way to clean algae, mold, oil stains and discoloration on the exterior of your building. Pierce Property Services aims to restore the value and beauty of your building through power washing services. The exterior of most buildings is made of delicate and porous surface materials that can be damaged by poor washing. For example, using harsh cleaning products can damage the exterior surface of your building. To avoid the damage, it is important you use the right cleaning products, equipment and water temperature. Pierce Property Services offers state of the art power washing services that uses recycled cleaning water and biodegradable cleaning products. This service is ideal for commercial and residential buildings of any sizes.


Your building might be damaged by water intrusion as a result of poor sealing and caulking. This may diminish the value and beauty of your building. Pierce Property Services offers caulking and sealing services that protect your building from damage caused by window glazing. When you are looking for high rise window cleaners in Boston who can also do some fixes to your building, Pierce Property Services have the best caulking services.

Specialty services

We offer quality and cost efficient, high rise window cleaning services that suit your specific needs. One of our specialty services is high access cleaning and repair which focus on hard to reach places like chandeliers, skylights and high ceilings. We also service museum, hotels and hospitals that usually have high access and cleaning needs.

Your windows are the first thing people will notice about your building. You will hardly get a second chance to impress if they are not clean. Pierce Property Services will ensure your reputation is safeguarded by doing a fantastic window cleaning job. Our cleaning team travels all over New England to property owners who need professional high rise cleaning services.

Commercial Window Cleaning