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Breaking Down Power Washing Costs

There are a lot of folks out there that would want power washing done on their property in Boston but simply can’t take the first step because they fear that it’s going to cost them way too much. Well, the issue of cost is always a factor, but you really don’t have to pay over the top to get this service. At Pierce Property Services, we see to it that you pay a friendly price but get quality in everything we do. To break it down for you, let’s take a look at what affects power washing costs:Boston Power Washing Costs

Size of the area being washed

People want to wash different areas of the home at different times. For example, sometimes you might want to have work done on the outside of the property only. Others want to have the inside and outside washed together. Generally speaking, the larger the area covered by the process, the higher you generally have to pay for the services rendered. If you are running on a budget, a good idea is to always tackle one area before moving on to the next.

If you are looking to have your business power-washed, the cost of the building itself can vary greatly. A sidewalk will cost anything between $100 and $200, depending on its area and complexity. Patios and decks tend to cost quite a bit, with power washing costs ranging between $250 and $500. If you are looking to have all the areas covered at the same time, then you might want to add all the costs above.

The company you are using

Every single power washing company out there has its own criteria for arriving at their price range. Generally, companies try to first get back their costs for the project and then provide wiggle room for profits. While said companies will have different pricing ranges, the difference between their valuations will not really vary that much. At Pierce Property services, we are known for our friendly pricing as well as a range of exemplary services.

If you are looking for power washing services, then reach out to us right away. Our experts will be sure to furnish you with a quote that breaks down your costs before we get started. Our services are fast, reliable and fair. For a quote on how much it would cost to power wash your property give Pierce Property Services a call today at 781-491-0606.