Humane Solutions for Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control“Pierce Property Services has helped us solve bird control issues, parking garage cleaning, caulking and window cleaning. It’s valuable to work with one company that can deliver a complete solution and is as vested in our property as we are. We will use them again and would definitely recommend them to others.”Senior Property Manager, National Development

Bird ControlThe beauty and value of your property suffers when its façade is damaged by bird related debris and droppings. Not just aesthetics, but your company image is damaged by bird infestations.  Tenants and visitors alike are taken back by bird damage and the nuisance created.  The range of damage can extend to health issues for your staff and tenants.

It is critical to protect your property’s beauty, function and value by removing bird damage and taking measures to control the problem moving forward.  The “Bird Problem Finder” and “Bird Problems Guide” available for free download can help you identify potential bird infestation issues, their types and severity.  It is best to start a cleanup and control program when the problem is small and easier to manage.  There is a wide range of effective, environmentally friendly and humane solutions available to control your bird problem.  Expert preparation of the site and installation of these solutions protect both your property and the image of your business. Call Pierce Property Services today to learn more about how we can help you with bird control.

Bird Control & Abatement Solutions Are Available For:

  • Roof Tops
  • Parking Garages
  • Window Sills & Ledges
  • Signs
  • Historic Buildings and Architecture
  • Awnings
  • Entry Ways
  • Lights on Buildings and Streets
  • Heating & Ventilation Systems
  • Balconies
  • Chimneys

Specialty Services

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