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When the temperature dips below freezing, there are all sorts of things that you have to prepare for. There will likely be snow, which means you have to break out the snow shovel or the snow blower. It might be time to put new tires on the car to stop the slipping and sliding. And if you have a sidewalk, it’s time to make sure they are clear of ice. If they are not, you can find yourself-or someone from the neighborhood-in the emergency room having a doctor tending to a broken wrist or putting stitches in a head wound caused by a fall. Not only is this dangerous, it’s also illegal in some communities. You may get ticketed and have to pay a fine if you don’t keep your sidewalk clear of ice.

Pierce Property Snow Shoveling Services

Pierce Property Snow Shoveling Services

Getting injured on your sidewalk or getting a ticket is something you want to avoid, but you also want to make sure you do not have any ice on your driveway. Going out to get the paper or walking the dog in the morning can be a harrowing experience if your driveway is ice-covered. And if there is any incline on your driveway, that makes it even more dangerous. More than one person has slipped and fallen on some ice on their driveway, only to find themselves getting a scan on their brain by doctors in lab coats. Or maybe they fall and break a hip. The point is, it’s easy to slip and get hurt in the wintertime when there is ice on your driveway.

Ice can stick around for a while, and sometimes it’s difficult to clear from sidewalks and driveways. When it snows heavily, followed by periods of melting and freezing, a thick layer of ice can develop. A reluctance to use salt, which damages asphalt and lawns, leaves some willing to wait for a thaw in the winter season. There are important reasons for removing the ice, which you should pay attention to.

Fortunately, Pierce Property Services offers sidewalk shoveling services to clear your walkways of snow and ice. We can help keep you and your family safe this winter, don’t hesitate to call today!