Why We Are the Most Preferred Commercial Window Cleaners in Town – Boston MA

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Pierce Property Services Commercial Property Management Window Cleaning using a Boom Lift

Why We Are the Most Preferred Commercial Window Cleaners in Town (Boston)

At one point or another, the windows at your home or place of work will get dirty.  On one hand, you can clean them by yourself or ask someone at home or the office to do the job. You’ll save money in the process. On the other hand, you can outsource the job to one of the reliable commercial window cleaners in town. The second option is better than the first since the task will be undertaken by experts with the right skills, equipment and experience.

Our only goal is to provide the highest quality commercial window cleaning services, and have been in business for several years. There are various factors that have enabled us to continuously achieve success. There’ reasons why many individuals and companies contract their work to us.

We are always eager to learn and evolve with your needs.

Pierce Property Services Commercial Property Management Window Cleaning using a Boom Lift

Pierce Property Services Commercial Property Management Window Cleaning using a Boom Lift


Even though the cleaning industry isn’t as complex and glamorous as other industries, we know that there’s always something new to learn.  Rapid advancements in technology affect the type of equipment used, chemicals used in cleaning and safety precautions to observe.

Additionally, continuous learning enables us to improve both managerial and organizational abilities.  For these reasons, we regularly read industry publications, encourage suppliers and clients to update us, attend conventions and also participate in trade union affairs.

Our employees are well taken care of.

Employees have played a major role in making our business successful. They are our most valuable asset. It’s their dedication and quality of services that determine our customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction. We’re always looking for ways and means of encouraging them to give their best. None of them has ever been mistreated. Micro-management has never been part of our culture. Additionally, we provide employees with appropriate working gear and also offer attractive remuneration packages. All these factors encourage them to meet customer’s needs.

We optimize the utilization of our resources.  Generally, associations deal with varying issues regarding the cleaning industry. The associations that we belong help us with important matters regarding operations, management, compliance with industry regulations and marketing. That’s one of the reasons why we’re among the preferred commercial window cleaners in the region.

Underselling has never been an option for Pierce Property Services.

The level of competition in the cleaning industry is very stiff, and that’s how the situation has been ever since we started. At the beginning, the temptation to undercut competitor’s prices, engage in smear campaigns and employ other underhand business tactics was overwhelming. However, we didn’t succumb to any of these temptations.  Instead, we chose to perform better than they were doing. Consequently, we’ve become one of the most popular commercial window cleaners in the region, and none of our competitors holds grudges against us.

High Rise Window Cleaning Services in Boston

High Rise Window Cleaning Services in Boston

Cleaning as though the windows are our own mother’s windows.

Whenever clients seek our services, we make sure that the services provided are of high quality and customized. As a matter of fact, nearly all clients commend us.  Since we began operations, the customer service team has received just a handful of complaints, but the commendations recorded are uncountable.  Even though we always strive to complete jobs within stipulated time-lines, we don’t rush to the extent of causing damage. Sometimes accidents happen, given that some windows are very delicate. However, we try as much as possible not to break anything. Additionally, we always meet the costs of repair whenever a window gets broken.

Great systems

We have discovered that good systems provide structures that allow employees to work effectively, efficiently and consistently. Consequently, business activities run smoothly even in the absence of supervisors.  Clients are always impressed whenever they find out that we’ve created good systems for all functions, ranging from actual cleaning to supervision, management, reporting, accounting, human resource and accounting.  If you are looking for professional window cleaners who can clean the windows at your home or business premises, then let your search come to an end. Please get in touch with us. We won’t disappoint you.